Social network. New designed.

GO or NO is the first social network, that helps you to get the oponions of your friends right at the moment you need it. Ask the people you trust, getting the result that count.

Like shelling peas!

A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

GO or NO is quite easy to handle: Just follow the steps.

Packed with amazing features
  • Make a picture

  • Choose an optional question (or write it)
  • Choose your best friends, who should get the rating the rating to answer it.
  • Click on "send. And up in the air.
  • View the statistic with the answers of your best friends: the people you trust.

Choose the people YOU want

GO or NO groups

You can sort your GO or NO friends into groups: just click on and populate the friends you want in the group. At a new rating just click on the group and you selected everybody in the group.

GO or NO friends

Or select the friends you want in that rating. Very easy: just click on it to select and another time to deselect.

Easiy Editable Codes

Select a question and rocket launch!

This step is optional, if the picture is self-explaining. If you want to write a personal message or question: no problem. You have 120 letters. Or....

Choose a predefined question
  • Should i buy this?
  • Is that a good idea?
  • Do you like this?
  • Should ich actually do this?
Then... just click on send.

clear statistics | clear opinion

Just click on "GO"

The step, your friends have to do, is more easy than sending a rating. Just viewing the picture, reading the (optional) question or message.

Or click on "NO"

And giving their oponion at the rating with a simple click: with a push on the "GO" (yes) button or on the "NO" (no) button.

What Our's Clients Says

Our Users Statistics

  • 10000 +Downloads
  • 3500 +Android Users
  • 3500 +iOS Users

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

GO or NO is very easy to use. But when you have some open questions, just search on the following FAQ's. Or use the Contact Form.

How can i use it ?

Very easy: Just start the app, click on "New Rating", make or choose a picture. Then add an optional text or select a predefined question and choose your friends, who should get the rating. They get a push notification and answer your question with just one click. The statistics with all the answers comes in seconds to your mobile device.

For which devices is it available ?

At the moment, it is available for Android in the Google Play Store and iPhone Smartphones in the iTunes App Store. In the future, there will a web version and for windows phones.

Is it free ?

Off course, it is free. It will costs you nothing. Not now or in the future.

Is my data safe ?

Yes, it is. The service is hosted on german servers. And when you delete a rating or something else, it is really deleted. Not marked invisible.

How to get support ?

GO or NO is very easy to understand. But when you need support: no problem. Just go to the contact form or send an mail to

Do i have to register ?

It makes more sense when you register to GO or NO. Your data will be absolutly safe und you can delete everything at any time. And you will miss all the great features. If you dont want to register, just click on "abort" at the registration process.

GO or NO is for friends. For best friends. For people you trust. The people you can ask anyting. On the new social network, which is really private.

What are You waiting for ?

Download GO or NO - the social rating network to get the help from the people you trust at the moment, you need it.
It's free. It's safe. And easy to handle.

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